Flying Spur Hybrid Mulliner - WLTP drive cycle - Fuel Consumption in l/100km: Combined, weighted 3.3; Combined CO₂ weighted 75 g/km; Combined Driving range 805 km


The Flying Spur Mulliner Hybrid combines the ultimate in Bentley luxury with exhilarating performance and a plug-in hybrid powertrain, for significantly reduced emissions. It means that wherever you need to drive – even in cities with restrictions on high-emission vehicles – you can do so in comfort and in style.

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Appearances matter

The Flying Spur Mulliner Hybrid is a sleek fusion of traditional craftsmanship and forward-looking automotive design. Its smooth, lightweight aluminium body panels give it a seamless appearance, its clean lines curving up from the front wheel arch into a muscular rear haunch. A closer look reveals a wealth of Mulliner details, such as a polished 22” wheel with grey painted spokes and self-levelling Bentley ‘B’ wheel caps. The grilles covering the radiator and the wing vents feature Mulliner’s eye-catching ‘double diamond’ mesh design, while the wing mirror caps are finished in satin silver. Completing the picture is a magnificent illuminated ‘Flying B’ bonnet mascot, which can be electrically deployed and retracted.

A cabin like no other

Once inside, you will find yourself surrounded by a ring of natural, sustainably sourced wood veneer, flowing up from the centre console, into the fascia and wrapping seamlessly around you.

Taking pride of place in the dashboard is the stunning Bentley Rotating Display. Start the engine and it revolves, a panel of handcrafted veneer rolling back to reveal a 12.3” touchscreen in its place. If you prefer a more traditional aesthetic, touch a button and it revolves once again, hiding the touchscreen in favour of a third panel displaying three chrome-rimmed analogue gauges.

The effect continues with chrome bulls eye air vents and chrome Mulliner overlays set into the veneered fascia. Even the graphical components have been redesigned by Mulliner, with the digital instrument display behind the steering wheel matching the design of the Breitling for Mulliner dashboard clock – a stunning, Swiss-made timepiece, centrally located in the fascia.

Inside the doors, leather panels feature a striking 3D diamond design, formed without stitching in a striking demonstration of Mulliner’s artisan craftsmanship. The cabin can be upholstered in a choice of eight three-colour designs, each one created by Mulliner’s design team. As well as a primary and secondary hide colour, they feature a third accent colour that draws they eye to fine details, such as the piping on the seats.

In the rear, the two armchair-style seats are separated by a diamond-milled centre console that runs the full length of the cabin. Like the front seats, they include heating, cooling and massage functions. Passengers in the rear can adjust these settings for their seats using the wireless Touchscreen Remote. Each of the two rear seats has access to its own electrically deployed picnic table, hand-finished with chrome inlays.

From the deep pile Mulliner overmats at your feet to the panoramic sunroof overhead, everything in this car has been crafted with your comfort in mind, wherever you choose to sit.

Technology at your service

There are three hybrid driving modes to help you keep emissions to a minimum. In EV Drive mode, you can travel on electric power alone. Switch into Hybrid mode and the car’s smart navigation system can run in Predictive E-Mode, automatically switching between petrol and electric power throughout your journey, to minimise emissions. In Hold mode, the car makes more use of the petrol engine, so you can preserve battery charge for when you need it most.

With its advanced sound insulation, the Flying Spur Mulliner is an incredibly quiet car. Yet the smooth, near-silent operation of its electric motor takes serenity to another level. The calm ambience is complemented by clean, fresh air, thanks to an onboard ioniser.

The systems onboard the Flying Spur Mulliner Hybrid are seamlessly integrated with the MyBentley mobile app. So you can check your car’s battery charge wherever you are. You can see journey statistics and your car’s location. You can even pre-programme the cabin to warm up (or cool down) just before you get in.

Effortless performance

The Flying Spur Mulliner Hybrid was designed to glide quietly through the city – and to fly on the open road. its new 2.9 litre V6 hybrid powertrain employs a 100 kW electric motor to boost performance and reduce emissions. Its top speed is 177 mph (285 km/h) and it can accelerate from 0-60 mph in 4.1 seconds (0-100 km/h in 4.3 seconds). It can even run on electric power alone for up to 25 miles (41 km).*

*Data subject to final certification

Personalise your car

The Flying Spur Mulliner Hybrid offers you significant opportunity to commission a unique car. You can choose any colour from over 80 in Bentley’s three paint ranges – standard, extended and Mulliner. Finishes include solid, satin and metallic. If you still don’t see what you’re looking for, you can use Mulliner’s paint-matching service to create a bespoke colour, based on any sample you provide.

Inside, there are eight upholstery colour schemes to choose from, with your selection used to create a matching presentation box and pouches for the keys to your car. Chrome Mulliner inlays draw the eye to the Flying Spur Grand Black veneers, which are fitted as standard. Other options include the full range of single wood veneers, as well as Dual Veneers and technical finishes such as Engine Turned Aluminium and Carbon Fibre. Even this is just the beginning, however. To learn more about personalisation options for the Flying Spur Mulliner Hybrid, please call us today on +7 727 333 6 777.


Technical specification

  • Engine
    2.9 V6 TFSi engine combined with 103kW electric motor
  • Transmission
    8-speed Automatic Transmission
  • Power (combined)
    544 PS / 536 bhp / 400 kw
  • Power (Petrol)
    416 PS / 410 bhp / 306 kw @ 5500-6500 rpm
  • Power (e-Drive)
    140 PS / 138 bhp / 103 kw
  • Torque (combined)
    750 Nm / 553 lb.ft
  • Torque (Petrol)
    550 Nm / 406 lb.ft @ 2000-5000 rpm
  • Torque (e-Drive)
    400 Nm / 295 lb.ft
  • Battery Capacity
    18.0 kWh
  • Emissions level
    EU 6
  • Fuel
    Petrol and Electric
  • Maximum Speed (Combined)
    177 mph / 285 km/h
  • Maximum Speed (Electric Only)
    87 mph / 140 km/h
  • Acceleration MPH
    0 - 60 mph 4.1 secs
  • Acceleration KMH
    0 - 100 km/h 4.3 secs
  • Body Style
  • Overall Length
    5316mm / 209.29in
  • Width Across Mirrors
    2220mm / 87.4in
  • Width Across Mirrors Folded
    2013mm / 79.25in
  • Height
    1483mm / 58.39in
  • Wheel Base
    3194mm / 125.75in
Fuel Efficiency
  • NEDC drive cycle:
  • Combined, Weighted
    3.2 litres/100 km
  • Combined CO₂ Weighted
    73 g/km
  • E-Range
    51 km
  • Energy Consumption
    245.4 Wh/km
  • Efficiency Class
  • WLTP Drive Cycle:
  • Low
    15.2 litres/100 km
  • Medium
    10.6 litres/100 km
  • High
    9.5 litres/100 km
  • Extra High
    10.3 litres/100 km
  • Combined, Weighted
    3.3 litres/100 km
  • Combined CO₂ Weighted
    75 g/km
  • Energy Consumption Weighted
    244.0 Wh/100 km
  • Electric All Equivalent Driving Range
    41 km
  • Electric All Equivalent Driving Range (City)
    42 km
  • Combined Driving Range
    805 km
  • Efficiency Class
  • Efficiency Class (Switzerland)